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If you know nothing about farming, but still Wanna be a farmer?

No matter your background, agriculture has a place for you.

When most people think of agriculture, the image in their mind might be a farmer on a tractor or rows and rows of corn. Today's farmer must be part engineer, part environmentalist and part economist. It's less about driving the tractor and more about screens processing data on the go, controlling advanced equipment and precision agriculture utilizing GPS to adjust for the soil's needs every few feet.

Are you new to farming? It's great that you are thinking of becoming an organic farmer. Being a farmer means shaking hands with nature. If you have no agricultural background, Don't worry, we completely relate with you. We know it can be a confusing world if you've just thought of starting out in this field. We were at the same juncture in 2011. If we can come so far, so can you. To all folks interested in the purest form of producing food, we are here to support you to becoming an organic farmer.

The Organic Carbon supports the hands-in-dirt dreams of independent enthusiastic farmers, no matter how big or small your lands are. We try to disseminate our knowledge about modern agricultural practices to as many people as possible. Our team comprises of book smarts and several generations of one-with-the-earth knowledge pioneers.

It doesn't take much to get started, no gizmos or expensive equipment. If you have some land, all you need is simple seeds, tools and the right information to use them. We can help you in finding a land too. We engage with you end to end through your organic journey - no matter what your stage is.

Everyone wants to chase something bigger than a job and a paycheck. Every day you know you are enriching people's lives. Understanding why you do what you do and the societal value of that work creates energy and passion.

Agriculture isn't just cows and plows. We need scientists to uncover the next innovation, veterinarians to protect animal health, engineers to develop the newest equipment, marketers to promote new concepts, and accountants and statisticians to turn growing volumes of production data into knowledge and decisions. So whether mechanically minded, an aspiring mathematician, a public relations guru or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, there is an opportunity awaiting you in agriculture.

So, whether you're still in school or already established in your particular field, tell me:

  • Are you inspired and passionate about the purpose of your work?
  • Have you seriously considered agriculture and the array of opportunity it presents?
  • If you're not in agriculture, why aren't you considering it given the sustainable opportunities and ability to make a difference?
  • As an agricultural country, are we communicating the opportunities in the broadest context?

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