Khapli Wheat Flour


Emmer wheat, commonly known as “Khapli,” is found to have curative properties for treating diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and is cultivated only in selective parts of India. Its capacity to lower blood glucose and lipid levels and high temperature stress tolerance compared to other cultivated species makes it therapeutic. For those looking for low gluten options to whole wheat, we recommend our Organic Certified Khapli (Emmer) Wheat Flour for the best results!

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1) Fibre- Emmer is higher in fiber than the wheat we use today. Fiber helps lower cholesterol, prevents constipation, normalizes blood glucose and insulin, and can reduce the risk for some kinds of cancer. 2) Gluten – Although probably still not recommended for people with Celiac Disease, Emmer generally has lower amounts of gluten than regular wheat and may be better for those with gluten intolerances or other allergies associated with wheat . 3) Minerals – Emmer wheat has minerals which strengthen our bones and teeth and ensure proper function of all our cells and tissues. 4) Glycemic Index – Emmer has a low glycemic index. Regulating blood sugar is an ongoing process of our bodies. A food that has a low glycemic index is better because it releases the glucose more slowly and steadily. This helps keep our blood glucose and insulin levels under control. A diet low on the glycemic index can prevent many long-term health issues.


Stone grounded finely to retain nutrients.