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COVID-19 Update
Your safety is our priority. We have been following all WHO safe practices in the face of COVID-19

Our Process

1. Cows on the Farm Our cows are early-risers. They fully feed the calves first. Then we milk them by hand, not by any mechanical pump as it’s the nature’s way of doing it.
2. Instantly cooled Raw milk is instantly cooled to 4 degree Celsius temperature. The refrigerated vans carry the cooled raw milk to our Plant.
4. Pasteurizing at a Low Temperature It’s a fact that milk spoils easily. Excessive processing can dilute its nutrients. To ensure we balance safety and nutrition, we pasteurize the milk at low temperatures to preserve good bacteria. That’s where we stop our processing. No Homogenizing.
5. Classification of Milk and Packaging Raw Milk and Pasteurized Milk are stored in different containers and then filled separately into Sterilized Food-grade Glass bottles
6. Out for Delivery We deliver Raw/Pasteurized Humpy A2 Milk to our customers in refrigerated vans or insulated boxes on bikes while maintaining 4 degree Celsius temperature throughout.