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Humpy Mangoes Alphonso are back!

  • Carbide and chemical-free
  • 100% organic carbon
  • Fresh from the farm KONKAN
  • Fresh from the farm
  • Best Alphonso mangoes

A single mango can be enough to curb
your mango cravings.

A single mango can be enough to prove the taste of our delicious mangoes

Have You Ever Heard
Of A Single Mango
Being Delivered?

We have made it possible for you! You order and we deliver a single mango anywhere in Pune.
The story of Pack of One:
Many are compelled to buy mangoes in large quantities during the mango season without any assurance for quality and authenticity. Thus, we give you the option to order just one piece of our top-grade Alphanso mangoes and then decide if you want more. Trust us, you will not be able to resist yourself after you try the first one!


Humpy Mangoes

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Gift smiles gift memories gift stories..

GIFT Humpy Mangoes
to your loved ones..
Humpy Mangoes
Alphonso Delight
Gift Pack

Humpy’s Alphonso Delight Gift Pack is a true specimen of the best quality and amazing taste. From the moment each mango is picked from our farms to the time it gets delivered, we ensure safety and the retention of its luscious taste. Give pure joy to your loved ones with the most delicious organic mangoes.


Alphonso Delight Gift Pack

The Alphonso Delight Gift Pack by Humpy is a specimen of true joy, quality, and amazing taste. You want to give your loved ones the best and the most delicious mangoes.

From the moment each mango is picked from the tree to the moment it is packed as a gift, we emphasize its safety, quality, and the retention of its luscious taste. Order a pack for someone dear to give them the perfect gift of delicious organic mangoes,


Gift smiles gift memories gift stories..

GIFT Humpy Mangoes

to your loved ones..

Humpy Mango are GI
(Geographical Indication)

Humpy Alphonso Mangoes are naturally gestated, making them flavourful and allowing the retention of their original hue. Our mangoes have the perfect geographical indication as they are grown on our farms in South Ratnagiri, close to the Arabian sea. The humid climate leads to a unique taste enabled with the low moisture content and high fiber.


Trade began as an act of
Goodness in the spirit of
benefiting everyone..

At Humpy A2 organic farms, we want to revive the timeless values of- honesty in farming, generosity towards community, and reverence for the land of our forefathers. But in focusing only on monetary gains, the values of honesty, generosity, and reverence have almost disappeared over the years. However, HUMPY A2 is DIFFERENT!


The Humpy promise,
the Humpy seal

We source our mangoes directly from our farms. Usually, unripe mangoes that have fallen from the tree are sold in the market. But, our mangoes are plucked straight from the trees with a plucker to ensure hygiene. We use nets while packing the mangoes to ensure zero-damage and sanitation. Our small “Keep it fresh” packets absorb ethylene and retain the mangoes’ natural taste.







Our Clients Say
Tasty and Delicious
Carbide and
Low moisture,
high fiber
Easy to peel
Strict Humpy
Delicious Mangoey
Hails from the
heart of Devgad