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COVID-19 Update
Your safety is our priority. We have been following all WHO safe practices in the face of COVID-19
  • We are a group of 21st century Progressive Organic farmers who collectively own 50 acres of farmland with huge spaces for all animals to walk and graze.
  • We believe in using our rich knowledge of traditional farming with a balanced blend of modern digital technologies.
  • We thrive on using technology to make farms more ‘intelligent’ and more connected through precision agriculture or as we like to call it as ‘smart digital farming’.
  • Our techniques and technologies maximize nutritious food production, minimize environmental impact and reduce cost at the same time.
  • One of the serious problems in agriculture is the lack of a standard model which other farmers can replicate. The Organic Carbon started to fill in this knowledge gap.
  • We created our Farm as a replicable ECO-ECO (Ecological and Economical) Friendly Model farm, from which every farmer can take back knowledge, irrespective of the size of his farm.
  • We offer development and dissemination of our know-how, amongst our farmers so that they can replicate our Model partly or completely.
  • Our Digital Farm includes
  • CONTROLLED FARMING: Hydroponic, Poly-house, Shade net
  • MONITORING SYSTEMS: Soil Sensors, Drone Sensors, CCTV cameras
  • USE OF DRONES: Collecting crop data for advance analytics.
  • FARM MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: For crop data management, tracking, recording, reporting, detailed data entry, data analytics
  • FINANCIALLY VIABLE TECHNOLOGY: Automation for irrigation, sowing, spraying, land preparation
  • DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION: Knowledge repository with comprehensive digital documentation of farming practices which can be shared with farmers across globe via various digital mediums like Audio-Video, blogs, social networking sites.
  • High standard of animal welfare is our priority.
  • Regular A1 milk producers are increasing productivity by forcing cows to produce milk in unnatural and highly stressful conditions with the use of growth hormone injections, antibiotics or GMOs.
  • We do not separate the bull, the cow and the calves. They all live as one happy family in an ocean of love and care.
  • The bulls mate with the cows naturally and deliver natural off-springs. No injection of oxytocin or steroids are given to increase the quantity of the milk; also ensuring the milk is free from toxins
  • No matter how expensive, only qualified-veterinarian-doctor prescribed medicines and antibiotics are given whenever the cows fall sick and are not milked at all during that period.
  • Crops are grown the natural way. Pests and weeds are attended to with natural home grown solutions. Our farmers nurture a soil rich in organisms. In fact, our practices work towards keeping the soil alive and in a balance.