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COVID-19 Update
Your safety is our priority. We have been following all WHO safe practices in the face of COVID-19

We are farmers. Looking at our clothes you might have different thoughts, but yes we are the 21st century farmers with an Engineering degree who left our cozy jobs to farm!! Sounds bizarre to many, but for us it was an inner calling. And after 8 years of on-field experience of farming, we have come up with our concept of ‘Family Farmer’.

Do you know who your family doctor is? Of course, you would. Now do you know who grew the food you ate today? In what condition was that food grown? Was it clean and safe for consumption? I don’t think you have answers to that. Well, you have the right to know. That’s what you have been missing all along. A Family Farmer.

Like every family has a Family Doctor or a Family Lawyer, We want to become your Family Farmer. A one-stop solution providing valuable, reliable, nutritious organic eco-friendly products to all. The unique concept of Family Farmer is introduced for the 1st time in India. The cornerstone of family farmer is an ongoing, personal consumer-farmer relationship focused on integrated nutritious products. You get to know all about the farmer, his crops, his way of growing, visit to his farm and more.

Your Family Farmer is your local source of organic raw A2 milk, organic pasteurized A2 milk, organic skimmed A2 milk, organic desi ghee, organic yoghurt, organic vegetables, organic food grains, organic fruits, organic herbs and more. All of this is delivered to your doorstep. All of our foods are GMO-free and grown with respect to the Creator.

We wish to start our relationship with you by supplying desi cow’s A2 milk and milk products and continue to supply all our subsequent products too. We are devoted to give comprehensive organic products for people of all ages.