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A2 Milk Health Benefits

The whole world has now recognized the medicinal, agricultural and economic value of Indian breed cows.

It’s not just emotional or religious attachment, it is pure science based on research and experience.

We too realized the unique genetic potential of Indian breed cows and made it the epicenter of our Digital Regenerative Organic Farming Practices.

All the required inputs (fertilizers/pesticides) are made of Indian Cow’s dung and urine.  Our soil is nourished with composted cow manure and other organic matter, while pests are managed with the cow-urine spray.

Our cows are of the breed Gir. They give less milk than buffaloes or imported Jersey and HF cows but the milk is very healthy and nutritionally dense. Indian cows have a prominent hump. This hump has a vein called the Surya Kethu Nadi which draws Vitamin D from the Sun and delivers it in its healthy milk. This vein is absent in Jersey and HF cows.

Our cows mean a lot to us and are given special care and attention 24*7. To look after the cows we have a traditional Gujarati family of cowherds. Their profession has been to look after the cows for generations.

Cows can walk around and graze freely, lie in the shade when they want to or just relax and rub themselves against the special scrubbers we have installed around the farm.

A Balanced Diet of mixed ration is planned by MV Sc./PhD doctors to keep the cows healthy and to maintain the optimum quality of  milk.

 Our nutritionists ensure that there is the right balance of minerals, vitamins and a tailor-made menu for different ages of the cows and their physical needs. They are also given an unlimited feed of fresh organic green grass through grazing openly in the fields. Such balanced diet and plenty of exercise, the cows deliver milk which is pure and healthy. 

Our cows are strictly vegetarian and so is Humpy A2 milk. Our fodder has No Hormones, Chemical Pesticides, Chemical Fertilizers or Animal parts (bones or products). 

Our qualified veterinarian doctors monitor their health regularly. Milking is done only after feeding the calves generously. The milking is done by hand; not by mechanical pumps as it may hurt the cows.

Cross breeding, mutation and GMOs have led to decline of Indian cow breeds and boosted the foreign cow breeds to meet the increasing demand for milk. We are not just into selling milk; we are preserving the soon-to-be Extinct Indian cow breeds. Indian breed cows have always been the base of sustainable agriculture and we are proud of them. The temperate counterparts only add pathogens to the soil.