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COVID-19 Update
Your safety is our priority. We have been following all WHO safe practices in the face of COVID-19
Contactless Delivery
We Follows WHO Policies
No Chemical Farming
Certified Organic Sources

Times like these bring confusion and panic, and while that’s completely understandable, we would like to help you make an informed choice while purchasing risk-free milk for your family. It is important to have regular quality checks and we have always been cautious about that since the beginning of our services, way before the outbreak of the pandemic.

As your family farmer, it is our duty to make sure our practices are in the best interest of our customers. Hence, we have doubled our hygiene checks. Our delivery executives are made sure to regularly sanitize hands and delivery equipment, so as to leave no room for lack of hygiene.

Quality and heath is what we have always stood for.

To maintain the same, we are following below mentioned strict actions at plant for your safety:

NO VISITOR POLICY across the plant & delivery system

All our personnel have been trained on hygiene protocols

Increased strict checks on regular usage of sanitizers at every entry and exit points

All our personnel have been instructed to wear masks at all times

We request all customers to make online payment over COD as every contribution towards safety is counted

Contactless delivery at Humpy works like this

Choose the Contactless Delivery method & pay online.
You will then receive a call informing you that your package has been delivered.
Our valet will drop your package outside your doorstep.
Lastly, you are free to pick up your package at your convenience.

Your health & immunity needs organic nutrients to stay stronger at these times of Pandemic.

Here’s why Humpy’s Milk will help you stay stronger!

We follow the exact guidelines of Pasteurizing Milk that it does not lose the nutrients that will make you stronger for all the tough times!

To bring you more clarity, here’s a brief on what Humpy’s A2 Milk does and does not do-

Humpy’s Raw A2 Milk is completely safe to consume during the pandemic outbreak and it does strengthen your immune system. According to a research, intake of raw milk has been associated with reduced risk of respiratory infections and fevers in addition to a reduced risk of asthma and allergies. Some more studies have found its components to have specific antiviral effects . Simply consuming raw A2 milk does not necessarily make you prone to catching COVID-19. The chief mode of transmission for COVID19 is through respiratory droplets. It is extremely unlikely for a virus like COVID19 to spread through milk. With the safety and hygiene precautions we have been taking since before the outbreak, the journey of Humpy’s A2 milk reaching your doorstep from ours is as safe as it is possible to get. It is absolutely crucial for us to ensure our customers are served with utmost care.